Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Poster Display Booth:  A-25
Date: May 13 (Fri)  14:45 ~ 15:15        Venue: ACA-4
Title: 『Toward controlled drug delivery by tight-junction regulation using novel compounds 』
Outlines/Features of Research
Tight junction (TJ) is a intercellular adhesion machinery that is composed by claudins, occluding, and scafold proteins, such as ZO-1. TJ is in a dynamic equilibrium between bio-genesis and degradation. These processes are controlled by interaction between claudins and either ZO1 or LNX1. We discovered the small molecular compounds that inhibit protein-protein interaction among TJ.
Differences with Conventional/Competitive Technologies
We recently proposed a hypothesis named "tight-junction (TJ) dynamic equilibrium hypothesis". In the hypothesis, homeostasis of TJ is maintained by a balance between degradation process and generation process. We discovered several low-molecular weight compounds that enhance TJ according to the hypothesis. We also succeeded in discovering the compounds that weaken TJ.
Expected Applications
1. Reagents for cell biology / chemical biology research.
2. wound care and hyperbaric medicine
3. drug delivery enhancer
4. cosmetics
5. medicine for Inflammatory bowel disease
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Furocho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, 4648601, Japan
Tel: 81-52-789-4535
1987-1992 Grad. School of Pharmacy, Osaka University
1992 Awarded the degree of PhD.
1992-1996 Nippon Roche Research Center
1996-2001 Biomolecular Engineering research Institute, Ltd.
2001-2007 Associate Professor, Yokohama City Univ.
2007-2011 Designated Professor, Kobe Univ.
2011-2016 Professor, Nagoya Univ.
Main Research Subject : NMR Structural biology
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